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November 7, 2022

Colonel Vincent, head of Belgian military technical cooperation, incriminates Hutus opposed to the Arusha Accords, including Colonel Nsabimana, for the attack on Habyarimana's plane

Date: 6 mai 1994
Author: Artiges, Guy
Title: Audition d'André Vincent, colonel CTM
Source: Auditorat militaire belge
Public records: VdM
Abstract: Colonel Vincent is the head of Belgian military cooperation and the local branch of the SGR, the Belgian military intelligence service. He is a supporter of the traditional policy of support for the Hutu that the Belgians put in power from November 1959. It is surprising that he was surprised by the attack. He was on vacation in Tanzania. His allegation that the attack was fomented by Chief of Staff Nsabimana is false. He was a victim of it. If he was tough, he was not a member of the Akazu and, according to Jean Birara, he would have opposed the massacre of opponents planned by Habyarimana. It was Bagosora who put him on the plane to replace Defense Minister Augustin Bizimana, according to the Mutsinzi report. On the other hand, the rest of the deposition seems quite accurate. The attack was intended "to sink the Arusha Accords. For the extremists, these agreements meant in the medium term the seizure of power by the Tutsis". He confirms, but softens them, the remarks made during a dinner at his home by Colonels Nsabimana and Kabiligi according to which "Arusha wouldn't happen". Around May 15, Major Aloys Mutabera, commander of the field artillery battalion, trained by the French, explained to Vincent "that they had to apply the solution final".