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August 2, 2023 French

Il ne reste plus que 70 Français encore au Rwanda, sur les 600 ressortissants. À Kigali, Hutu et Tutsi continuent de s'entretuer

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Roger-Petit, Bruno
Leymergie, William
Bonnant, Romuald
Haumant, St├ęphane
11 avril 1994
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Journal de 8 heures [2:37]
Il ne reste plus que 70 Français encore au Rwanda, sur les 600 ressortissants. À Kigali, Hutu et Tutsi continuent de s'entretuer
Des escadrons de la mort sillonnent le pays et les rebelles menacent de marcher sur la capitale.
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Journal télévisé
- The massacres in Rwanda cause the flight of foreigners who lived there. About fifty of the 525 French people evacuated yesterday [April 10] from Rwanda arrived in Roissy, relieved to have fled a country where an ethnic war is raging.
- Finally safe. It is midnight at Roissy airport, the first 48 French nationals evacuated from Rwanda have just arrived. Reunion with loved ones on French soil, for everyone it is relief. A French national: "We are happy to hear that the other French people are coming, so that's fine. It's a great weight that has been lifted".
- There are only 70 French people still in Rwanda, out of the 600 nationals. The others, 525 people, have already reached Burundi. According to the Quai d'Orsay, the last French people will be evacuated this afternoon, along with foreigners of other nationalities.
- In Bonn last night, other nationals arrived from Rwanda on board a German military plane. 120 German citizens, about twenty Swiss and a few Belgians, also sheltered.
- In Kigali, capital of Rwanda, Hutu and Tutsi continue to kill each other: massacres with machine guns but also often with machetes, knives, spears and even screwdrivers.
- Clashes between government forces and rebels of the Rwandan Patriotic Front are continuing at this very moment. The Blue Helmets and the Red Cross are counting the dead, tens of thousands dead, and they are still trying to organize first aid this morning.
- Doctor Hervé Le Guillouzic, ICRC: "The night was relatively calm. And this morning, there was automatic weapon fire and then grenades and mortars which started again. But it's sporadic, it's not bad. continuous fire. There is a lot, as in all wars, of looting. People are armed here and they throw the grenade first, then they shoot and then they steal the packet of cigarettes they wanted. It's at this level that it happens".
- Death squads criss-cross the country and the rebels threaten to march on the capital. Rwanda's council of ministers called on the rebels to stop their offensive and declared a month of mourning.