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Bernard Kouchner : « La France n'a pas fait que des mauvaises choses ! Mais on aide souvent des gens et on utilise souvent les armes que nous avons fournies ou vendues pour le pire »

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Poivre d'Arvor, Patrick
Chauffier, Didier
18 mai 1994
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Journal de 20 heures [10:06]
Bernard Kouchner : « La France n'a pas fait que des mauvaises choses ! Mais on aide souvent des gens et on utilise souvent les armes que nous avons fournies ou vendues pour le pire »
Personne ne peut actuellement connaître l'ampleur du massacre interethnique des Hutu et des Tutsi.
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- The situation in Rwanda: France recommends a summit of heads of state in the region to put an end to the genocide. This is what Alain Juppé said earlier, who also announced a series of measures intended to come to the aid of the thousands of refugees.
- We are talking about 500,000 deaths in six weeks in a country that does not exceed seven million inhabitants. In fact, currently, no one can know the extent of the inter-ethnic massacre of Hutu and Tutsi.
- The only estimate that has been established, based on concrete evidence, is the number of refugees: a total of one million who continuously pour in to all of Rwanda's neighboring countries. In the gigantic Benaco camp, 250,000 refugees are crowded together in conditions that can only lead to epidemics.
- The UN has approved the reinforcement of 5,000 peacekeepers, which will be added to the 500 already present in the country. But is that enough for genocide, for a million refugees?
- Bernard Kouchner: "These are people who fled the massacres and sometimes participated in them. But remember that Kigali, it is a city within which are located islets of hostages permanently threatened with death. There are, inside this city, thousands of Anne Frank refugees, in the cellars, in the roofs, threatened with death! Death lurks permanently. There was, between this orphanage that we tried to evacuate and the airport, 22 militia roadblocks! These militias who had the last word in our negotiations. There are still massacres! We are in the process of assassination! We are in the process of continuing the genocide! Genocide What does that mean ?! It means that we are being killed for who we are, not for what we did. They are looking for the children right now. We are walking on the corpses of children. is a genocide manipulated and done, carried out knowingly by fascists! The fact that it is tropical, this genocide, does not change anything! There was on one side a representation political, not just ethnic. And on the other side, people who have used racism. We started to kill the Hutu Democrats. There are also, on another scale, settling of scores on the other side of the Rwandan Popular Front. Not at all on the same scale! But a dead person is a dead person. So what can we do? May these peacekeepers, I hope, arrive, once again, not too late! Because there is a massacre! There are a lot of them these days. This one is exceptional, this one is a genocide in Rwanda. We should talk about this African policy, that we talk about these gray areas. But let it be explained. And then what ? Do not exaggerate either: France took part in the Arusha accords which were part of the Patriotic Front of Rwanda. France has not done all bad things! We often help people, yes, and we often use the weapons that we have supplied or that we have sold for the worse. And there, it is exceptionally despicable, unbearable, unspeakable! There will of course be an investigation when a UN tribunal is set up for Rwanda. And you will see the responsibilities. I hope that they will obviously be revealed very quickly".