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August 2, 2023 French

Philippe Douste-Blazy : « C'est, je crois, le plus grand génocide de la fin du XXème siècle : 200 000 à 500 000 morts depuis deux mois ! »

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Chazal, Claire
Laurent, Ghislaine
21 mai 1994
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Journal de 20 heures [6:45]
Philippe Douste-Blazy : « C'est, je crois, le plus grand génocide de la fin du XXème siècle : 200 000 à 500 000 morts depuis deux mois ! »
La guerre civile fait rage entre les forces gouvernementales et les rebelles du Front patriotique, on parle de plusieurs centaines de milliers de morts.
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- In Rwanda the civil war is raging between the government forces and the rebels of the Patriotic Front, we are talking about several hundred thousand deaths. The population took refuge in camps, especially on the border with Tanzania.
- Kigali airport, which was to serve as a humanitarian bridge, has been closed for three days. The capital cut off from the world is again on fire. On the ground, the men of the Patriotic Front seem to have the advantage. There are rumors that they could take over the capital in the coming days.
- Philippe Douste-Blazy: "It is, I believe, the greatest genocide of the end of the XXth century: 200,000 to 500,000 dead for two months! We are dealing with a genocide: that is to say no only adults but children. On the humanitarian level, that poses enormous problems because you have hundreds of thousands of refugees who come to Tanzania, Burundi, Zaire. Alain Juppé was one of the first to want resolution 918 . 5,000 men must be sent. But they will arrive in an absolutely apocalyptic situation. What I would like is that, rather than be an interposition force, they should be brought into the country so that they can be brought into the country. they prevent the massacres of the militiamen. Before seeing that the fire will turn into a fire, it is better to prevent. And that's what I want to say for Burundi which is right next door. The same ingredients: there are to the Hutus, the Tutsi. There will be hundreds of thousands of refugees who will arrive in the north from the country. And then I have a question to ask: there are UN observers, we know that there are countries bordering Rwanda which bring weapons. Kalashnikov, they're coming from somewhere. I think we really need these observers to tell us where it's going and when it's happening! And then on Tuesday [May 24], there is the Human Rights Commission in Geneva. I think we really have to put a big punch on the table because there are crimes against humanity, it's really horrible. And the international community must say it very loudly!".