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Alain Juppé : « Il appartient au gouvernement de Kigali de rassurer les populations, sinon nous verrons encore ces images atroces que la France a été la première à dénoncer »

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Bromberger, Dominique
Baillancourt, Isabelle
Hémart, Gilles
11 août 1994
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Journal de 20 heures [4:51]
Alain Juppé : « Il appartient au gouvernement de Kigali de rassurer les populations, sinon nous verrons encore ces images atroces que la France a été la première à dénoncer »
Les Éthiopiens de la MINUAR II sont déjà désignés comme ennemis irréductibles : ils seraient proches des Tutsi.
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Journal télévisé
- On the border with Rwanda, violent incidents are taking place in the Goma camp between Rwandan refugees and Zairian soldiers.
- The Rusizi border post. Anonymous or more threatening faces, they all headed for Zaire and exile. This bridge links Cyangugu, the last town in the French humanitarian zone, to Bukavu, a Zairian border town. The greatest disorder reigns there: a flow of refugees, increasing, is pressing, jostling in this perimeter "Cour des Miracles".
- Rwandan customs officers have fled. Only the French legionaries control this new exodus as best they can. Crossing on foot, many flee Rwanda claiming to seek calm before peace returns. Others, on the other hand, do not hesitate to turn their escape into organized looting or armed raid.
- The soldiers of the former government on the run are not far away and are happy to watch this coming and going. An exodus that is already turning into a humanitarian disaster.
- Every day the Rwandan population is stranded all over the place in a dilapidated city center. No reception structure really exists and the thousands of refugees will swell an already destitute population of 300,000 people. A crowd that wanders in search of survival but already knows how to feed on the craziest rumors. The Ethiopians of UNAMIR II are already designated as irreducible enemies: they are said to be close to the Tutsi.
- Far from the shambles city, some camps have fortunately had time to organize themselves. But they are closed to any new arrival. Lack of structures, lack of food. And only 25,000 refugees were able to find space.
- Stopping a new exodus has become an almost impossible mission for the French. Without shelter, without water, without food, Rwandans are already on the march towards the new hell.
- Dominique Bromberger interviews Alain Juppé on set. Dominique Bromberger: - "Where are our relations with the new Rwandan authorities be when the Americans are literally settling in Kigali?". Alain Juppé: - "We are talking with the Rwandan authorities in Kigali. We have dispatched several emissaries to them. And we will soon have an office there which will allow us to maintain contact. I think we can already say that Operation Turquoise has a positive result. We have 'secured' more than a million and a half people who, without this, at a time when the war was still raging, would have been victims of massacres. We must now succeed. I believe that it is underway, that it is on the right track. An Ethiopian contingent has just arrived. About half of our force in Rwanda has been withdrawn. The remainder will be by the 21st or the 22nd August. I would especially like to stress the fact that, now, it is up to the government of Kigali, about which they say so much [ironic smile], to the United States in particular, to reassure the populations. Rwanda, it is up to him to create the conditions so that the population res you at her place. Otherwise we will still see these atrocious images that France was the first to denounce or to show in any case".