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Rwanda - Réponse du ministre des Affaires étrangères à une question d'actualité à l'Assemblée nationale

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Juppé, Alain
28 avril 1994
Rwanda - Réponse du ministre des Affaires étrangères à une question d'actualité à l'Assemblée nationale
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Conférence de presse
In his response to a deputy expressing the emotions of Breton families about to adopt Rwandan children, Alain Juppé, Minister of Foreign Affairs, reassures them about the fate of the orphans of Nyundo who are safe and sound "despite the continuing unrest".
It should be noted that the Nyundo region is in the government zone and that the RPF only arrived there around July 14, 1994. The disturbances in question are deliberate massacres of Tutsi organized by the Rwandan authorities that France supports. Alain Juppé ensures that the orphans to be adopted in France will be transferred there. This suggests that relations with the Rwandan authorities are maintained. Indeed, he has just received the day before the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs and the main ideologue who pushes for the massacre of the Tutsi. He doesn't talk about these secret talks, just as he doesn't talk about genocide, but he feels sorry for "this unfortunate country torn apart by tribal war". This contemptuous formulation with racist overtones also hides Juppé's connivance with the assassins. Without the intervention of Ambassador Marlaud, who acts under the orders of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Rwandan interim government could not have been formed in a day and the coup d'etat which had all the favorable political figures assassinated peace agreements would have been denounced by the United Nations. Alain Juppé says he is in favor of the "national reconciliation process", while he supports the assassins who put an end to this process initiated during the Arusha Accords of August 1993. He notes that the force of the United Nations was reduced to 270 soldiers, being careful not to say that France voted for this reduction. It spreads over the humanitarian action of France. The minimum would have been to stop supporting this band of assassins.