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La France va fermer son ambassade à Kigali où les cadavres s'empilent dans les rues par centaines : massacres, exactions, exécutions sommaires, Hutu contre Tutsi

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Roger-Petit, Bruno
Haumant, Stéphane
Mousset, Benoît
Boisserie, Philippe
12 avril 1994
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Journal de 7 heures
La France va fermer son ambassade à Kigali où les cadavres s'empilent dans les rues par centaines : massacres, exactions, exécutions sommaires, Hutu contre Tutsi
Cette nuit, 205 personnes dont 94 orphelins rwandais sont arrivés à Roissy.
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Transcription d'une émission de télévision
- Last night in Roissy, 205 people including 94 Rwandan orphans arrived in Paris. Most of these orphans were being adopted by French families. They are now far from the Rwandan hell.
- These orphans were not a priority for evacuation. But French people from Kigali, who were to be repatriated to Roissy tonight, chose to leave their places in the air force Airbus. 94 children, some of whom are in the process of adoption, repatriated at the request of the host families.
- In recent days, armed men had twice forced the doors of the Masaka orphanage, about fifteen kilometers from the Rwandan capital. They shot nine people, molested Sister Edith, stole the money. The five French nuns, the 30 Rwandan employees and the 94 children were accommodated that night in a foster home in Créteil. But the evacuation was decided so quickly that they have no idea what will happen to them in the next few days.
- France will close its embassy in Kigali, capital of Rwanda, where corpses are piling up in the streets by the hundreds: massacres, exactions, summary executions, Hutu against Tutsi.
- Here is the face offered by the streets of Kigali: corpses and more corpses killed by bullets or mutilated with machetes. Victims of the fighting but also of the settling of scores simply because they are not part of the same ethnic group. In a city devastated by looting, yellow trucks pick up bodies in indifference.
- Yesterday [April 11] most Westerners were able to flee the country by road or by the airlift set up by the French and Belgian soldiers. In total, 600 French people were able to be evacuated. There are only a very small number left, including religious and a few hundred Belgians.
- At the embassy, ​​documents are burned as in any emergency situation. Because the fighting threatens to intensify: explosions of shells and mortars, sporadic gunfire resounded in the city. The rebels of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, with a Tutsi majority, are now at the gates of Kigali: 4,000 men ready to launch an assault on the capital.
- Philippe Boisserie: "This morning the situation is simple: as it is, the French ambassador has just arrived at Kigali airport with all the staff of the French embassy. so the departure of the last French, the French embassy will close. There will be no more French representatives in Rwanda. […] A certain number of soldiers this morning folded all the equipment they had brought. So obviously some would be leaving. Will all of them leave? For the moment the answer is not yet certain. […] In general, the early morning is the subject of intense fighting. This morning for the moment we We heard no cannon shots, no mortar shots. So a priori the situation seems fairly calm. It must be said that there is a very thick fog over Kigali which may be preventing a certain number of operations. But Either way, the war is certainly not over".