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Percer le mystère d'une hypothétique boîte noire serait décisif pour savoir qui de l'armée ou du Front patriotique rwandais a tiré sur le Falcon

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Roger-Petit, Bruno
Mousset, BenoƮt
Chevolleau, Florent
28 juin 1994
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Journal de 7 heures [2:28]
Percer le mystère d'une hypothétique boîte noire serait décisif pour savoir qui de l'armée ou du Front patriotique rwandais a tiré sur le Falcon
Les services de maintenance de Dassault affirment n'avoir jamais vu de boîte noire à bord de l'appareil.
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Journal télévisé
- Operation Turquoise continues in Rwanda. They pushed a little further inside Rwanda. Still without incident, less than 20 kilometers from the lines of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, in the locality of Gikongoro, where the refugees are no longer Tutsi but Hutu.
- The patrol was greeted by hundreds of roadside residents, dutifully repeating slogans in honor of France. Considered as liberators, they were able to fulfill their mission. Then they returned to the Zairian border.
- Gradually the French system is being put in place: 1,300 soldiers have already arrived in Goma or Bukavu, the two rear bases of Operation Turquoise. The full deployment, 2,500 troops, will be completed by the end of the week. In the meantime, the rotations of aircraft bringing men and equipment continue.
- The purpose of the mission is always strictly humanitarian: it is to identify refugee camps and protect the population. Today a French unit must evacuate the area of Kibuye, about forty nuns threatened by the militias.
- In Kigali the shelling continues. The Red Cross hospital was hit yesterday [June 27], five people were killed. This hospital is located in the middle of the fighting zone between government forces and the rebels of the Rwandan Patriotic Front.
- Captain Barril is said to be in possession of the black box of the Rwandan President's plane shot down on April 6. It was this death of the Rwandan President that led to the massacres.
- Black box or no black box? The enigma is complicated. Yesterday [June 27] Captain Barril said he had this capital piece of the Rwandan presidential plane shot down on April 6.
- A twist: Dassault's maintenance services claim to have never seen a black box on board the aircraft, as this type of equipment is not mandatory for business jets.
- In the Monde article, the former head of GIGN describes the conversation recorder as a black metal box in the size of a paperback. But according to Dassault, such a device is usually orange and the size of a large shoebox. Problem.
- Breaking through the mystery of a hypothetical black box would be decisive in knowing who, from the army or the Rwandan Patriotic Front, fired on the Falcon and caused the death of the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda. The key to the enigma is in the hands of Captain Barril. He promised to hand over this box and other documents to civil aviation.