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Aim of this database

FgtDb like France Genocide Tutsi Database is a database about the part played by France in the Tutsi's genocide in Rwanda in 1994.
It contains today around 20,000 documents of 4,000 authors from 800 newspapers or sources and 100 archives's funds.

An extract of this database, more than 8,000 documents, is published on this web site http://francegenocidetutsi.org. They are sorted by date, author, newspaper or source, archives funds and keywords.

A search engine allows to retrieve documents using several criterions and to get the author-card describing each document.


This documents have been collected to write the book La France au cœur du génocide des Tutsi (France in the heart of the Tutsi's genocide), published in 2010, out of stock but downloadable here : http://francegenocidetutsi.org/FranceCoeurGenocideTutsi-IP.pdf

The first idea of this website was to allow the reader of a book or article in pdf format of Adobe to retrieve the whole documents by active links using Acrobat reader software or other similar programs.

The second idea was to design a descriptive author-card for each document in order to study the document for itself and to avoid interpretation's mistakes.

Since the beginning of this database building a lot of other documents have been found, exceeding the scope of the book. The need to publish this documents as proofs has happened.

The aim is to publish exhaustivly all available archives's fund about France and the Tusis's genocide in order to contribute to scholar research and to the citizen's information. But the job is far from completion. Collaborations are wellcome.

Before April 2016 this web site was at the address : http://www.francerwandagenocide.org/documents/

Structure of the database

This database is made of author-cards describing documents.

The author-card contain the date, the author's name, the newspaper or the source ie the institution which has produced the document, the name of the persons quoted, the name of the places quoted and keywords. But the main information in the author-card is the link to access the file containing the document. This link is an url of the World Wide Web.
The text of the document or an extract may be contained in the author-card.

The documents are not contained in the database.
They are files accessible through WWW. The best format of these files is pdf but for pictures and maps the format may be jpg or png.
The documents may be located in different web sites.

Search criterions

Documents may be retrieved by :
- the date written as yyyymmdd ;
- the author's name written as surname, given name ;
- the name of a quoted person written as surname, given name ;
- the name of a quoted place ;
- a keyword ;
- the name of a newspaper or source ;
- an archive's fund ;
- the cote, for example the cote of United Nations documents like S/RES/929 (1994) ;
- words of the text contained in the author-card (we cannot retrieve text in pdf files) ;


Mails may be sent to : contact@francegenocidetutsi.org