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May 15, 2018

Documents showing that France has allowed the Tutsi's genocide

Date Author Comment Source
11 octobre 1990Lanxade, JacquesFrance is fighting against « Tutsi forces ».Présidence de la République (fr)
13 octobre 1990Galinié, RenéFrench Defense Attaché supports organized peasants in self-defense groupsAmbassade de France, Kigali
24 octobre 1990Galinié, RenéThe French military attaché in Kigali informs Paris of the preparation of the Tutsi's genocide Ambassade de France, Kigali
20 juin 1991Quesnot, ChristianGeneral Quesnot proposes to withdraw a company from Rwanda. Mitterrand opposes.Présidence de la République (fr)
23 février 1993Quesnot, Christian« After the withdrawal of our troops President Habyarimana should not be able to remain at the head of the State »Présidence de la République (fr)
3 mars 1993Denoix de Saint Marc, RenaudSaved by the French army, Habyarimana is « disoriented and out of breath ». Mitterrand decides to resort to the United Nations and hopes to be able to change his soldiers into peacekeepersPrésidence de la République (fr)
11 mars 1993Martres, GeorgesThe French ambassador shares the point of view of the Coalition for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) which judges that President Habyarimana is « worn out » and « finally failed everything ».Ambassade de France, Kigali
2 avril 1993Denoix de Saint Marc, RenaudFrançois Léotard : « RPF advance with troops in plain clothes ». One more reason for French soldiers to equate Tutsi with RPF combatants.Présidence de la République (fr)
1994Turnley, PeterFrench soldier training new recruits for the Rwandan army or militia during Operation TurquoiseCORBIS
8 avril 1994Germanos, RaymondClaiming that the presidential guard eliminates Tutsi from Kigali, Operation Order Amaryllis recognizes de facto that genocide has begun.EMA
11 avril 1994Boisbouvier, ChristopheFrench ambassador Marlaud states on Radio France International that the new rwandan government is conform with the Arusha peace agreements RFI
13 avril 1994Bentégeat, HenriAdmiral Lanxade: « Now it is the Tutsis who will massacre Hutus in Kigali ». Juppé and Mitterrand agree to withdraw the peacekeepers.Présidence de la République (fr)
6 mai 1994Artiges, GuyColonel Vincent, head of Belgian military technical cooperation, incriminates Hutus opposed to the Arusha Accords, including Colonel Nsabimana, for the attack on Habyarimana's plane.Auditorat militaire belge
6 mai 1994Quesnot, ChristianIn the middle of the genocide, while the RPF hunts the killers of eastern Rwanda, General Quesnot is worried about the creation of a « Tutsiland » with the help of Anglo-Saxons and writes to president Mitterrand : « We have the means and the relays of an indirect strategy that could restore a certain balance ».Présidence de la République (fr)
16 mai 1994Rwabalinda, EphremGénéral Huchon : « We must provide without delay all the evidence proving the legitimacy of the war waged by Rwanda in order to return international opinion in favour of Rwanda ».FAR
16 mai 1994Rwabalinda, EphremGénéral Huchon : « We must provide without delay all the evidence proving the legitimacy of the war waged by Rwanda in order to return international opinion in favour of Rwanda ».FAR
22 mai 1994Sindikubwabo, ThéodoreTheodore Sindikubwabo, Interim President, thanks François Mitterrand for his support « until today ».Présidence de la République (rwd)
24 mai 1994Quesnot, ChristianGeneral Quesnot: « The coming to power of a minority similar to the Khmer Rouge is a guarantee of regional instability ».Présidence de la République (fr)
28 mai 1994Barril, PaulBarril support contract with the Interim rwandan government : Barril commits to supply 20 men and ammunition for US $ 3,130,000
15 juin 1994Bentégeat, HenriFrançois Mitterrand decides the Turquoise operation and proposes that it go as far as Kigali to protect certain sites.Présidence de la République (fr)
16 juin 1994Juppé, Alain« France requires that those responsible for these genocides be tried ».Libération
22 juin 1994Germanos, RaymondOperation Turquoise order does not speak of genocide. It orders to contact the local authorities to incite them to restore their authority though they are responsible for the massacres, the authorities opposed to the massacres having been eliminated. It aims to counter the offensive of the RPF and plans to go as far as Kigali.EMA
22 juin 1994Bentégeat, HenriFrançois Mitterrand : « Our intervention does not seem desired by anyone, even by those we want to save. No doubt they prefer that there are no witnesses to their victory ».Présidence de la République (fr)
22 juin 1994François Mitterrand : « If this country were to come under the Tutsi domination, a very minority ethnic group, which finds its base in Uganda [...] it is certain that the process of democratization would be interrupted ».Présidence de la République (fr)
25 juin 1994Rosier, JacquesReport on Colonel Rosier's secret meeting with Minister of Defense Augustin Bizimana and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jérôme Bicamumpaka. « I told them it would be catastrophic for their image that new massacres take place ».COS
29 juin 1994Isnard, Jacques« A Tutsi can become an RPF fighter ».Le Monde
4 juillet 1994Ministère des Affaires étrangèresThe FAR and militias will not be disarmed in the safe humanitarian zone. « The issue of the demilitarization of FAR and militia within the protected perimeter may arise. At this stage, it is proposed not to fix this mission to the Turquoise force ».Min. Défense Paris
15 juillet 1994Agence ReutersThe Élysée, in the person of Hubert Védrine, opposes the arrest of the ministers of the Rwandan interim government refugees in the humanitarian zone.Présidence de la République (fr)
15 juillet 1994Almost all political figures of the government folded in Gisenyi is held responsible for the massacres. [...] There is no provision for arrest and trial.Quai d'Orsay
19 juillet 1994France invites the representative of Rwanda to leave the Security Council.Quai d'Orsay
1998« The perpetrators used Soviet-made SA 16s (based on missile debris found at the scene of the attack) ». Why did the French soldiers, who went to the crash site and collected these exhibits, never put them to justice?Min. Défense Paris
22 avril 1998Quilès, PaulGeorges Martres : « Colonel Serubuga, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Rwandan Army, rejoiced at the RPF attack, which would serve as justification for the killings of Tutsi ».MIP
13 mai 1998Quilès, PaulAmbassador Jean-Michel Marlaud acknowledges being involved on April 8, 1994 in a meeting at the France's Embassy to form the Rwandan interim government.MIP
7 juillet 1998French military technical assistants were on the scene of the wreckage of the presidential plane about fifteen minutes after the attack.EMA
20 octobre 1998Lefort, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude Lefort, vice-president of the Parliamentary Information Mission: « The field of suspects is reduced to those who had access to the crash zone in the hours following the attack ».