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Denoix de Saint Marc, Renaud
Huchon, Jean-Pierre
Friday April 2, 1993
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François Léotard : « RPF advance with troops in plain clothes ». One more reason for French soldiers to equate Tutsi with RPF combatants.
At the end of February 1993, attacked by French howitzers, the RPF halted its offensive, decreed a cease-fire, then resumed peace negotiations in Arusha. At the first Conseil restreint of the cohabitation government, following the defeat of the left in the legislative elections of March 21 and 28, 1993, François Léotard, Minister of Defense, declares : « The situation is of great gravity and urgency. The RPF is progressing towards Kigali. He advances with troops in plain clothes ». This offensive is an invention of Minister Léotard or it was suggested to him by the military intelligence (the DRM), who would have liked to test the new government of the right. Indeed, at the same council, Admiral Lanxade, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, says more cautiously : « We must consider an RPF offensive sometime next week ». Speaking of RPF troops in civilian clothes, Minister Léotard endorsed the definition of the enemy identified with the Tutsi, armed or not. He asks for a reinforcement of 1,200 men. Balladur : « Our strengths are too weak [...] We can put a thousand more men ». Were these 1,200 men sent to Rwanda? We do not see any trace. But aid to the Habyarimana regime is becoming more and more secret. This report undermines the theory of Foreign Minister Alain Juppé that he has influenced France's policy in Rwanda in favor of a negotiated solution and recourse to the UN.