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Documents provenant d'archives de la République tchèque

Attention : les documents cochés dans la colonne G expriment l'idéologie des auteurs du génocide contre les Tutsi ou se montrent tolérants à son égard.

53 documents sélectionnés

T G Date Auteur Titre Source
D January 4, 1994Peace process moving along CZ UN Mission
D January 5, 1994[Progress in Rwanda and additional second unit to be deployed for UNAMIR]CZ UN Mission
D January 5, 1994[Secretary general report on UNAMIR progress]CZ UN Mission
D January 6, 1994[Letter to secretary general and UNSCR 893 passed]CZ UN Mission
D January 9, 1994Kovanda, KarelConsultation of M. Dusaidi with UNSC President CZ UN Mission
D February 9, 1994[Overall situation in Rwanda] CZ UN Mission
D February 10, 1994[Agreed to wait on presidential statement for political negotiations]CZ UN Mission
D February 10, 1994[Agreed to wait on presidential statement for political negotiations] CZ UN Mission
D February 15, 1994[France distributes their draft of presidential statement] CZ UN Mission
D February 17, 1994[Draft presidential still under discussion] CZ UN Mission
D February 24, 1994[Violence in Rwanda and presidential statement adopted 2/17] CZ UN Mission
D April 4, 1994[Expansion of UNAMIR mandate-initial discussions (main sticking point is length of extension)]CZ UN Mission
D April 5, 1994[UNAMIR extended for 4 months with a 6-week review] CZ UN Mission
D April 6, 1994Kovanda, Karel[Anarchy in Rwanda: first discussions of evacuation of foreign nationals]CZ UN Mission
D April 6, 1994Assassination of Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi CZ UN Mission
D April 7, 1994[Situation in Rwanda and Burundi after the death of the presidents. Rwanda's Prime transitional minister and 10 Belgium soldiers killed; Draft PRST written by France]CZ UN Mission
D April 10, 1994[Despite the formation of a provisional government, anarchy rules the country. The RPF disavowed that government and is moving from the demilitarized zone. France and Belgium send troops to evacuate their nationals. Questions about UNAMR mandate]CZ UN Mission
D April 11, 1994[French and Belgium units control the airport. RPF unitrs from the DMZ have not yet reached Kigali. The governmental army is a consolidation factor now that the defense minister has returned]CZ UN Mission
D April 12, 1994[According Secretariat the situation is chaotic. The provisional government has left Kigali. RPF describes it as criminal. RPF units arrived in Kigali from DMZ. Future of UNAMIR, 4 options]CZ UN Mission
D April 13, 1994[SG recommandation to stop UNAMIR. A NAM draft resolution based on Ch VII empowers UNAMIR to enforce public order and legality]CZ UN Mission
D April 14, 1994[The SG has not intended to suggest the withdrawal of UNAMIR. Fighting coninue. The meeting between RPF and provisionnal government did'nt take place. 2 alternatives for UNAMIR. NYT points France's support to the dictatorial Rwandan regime. Amnesty sees no evidence of RPF units in mass murders]CZ UN Mission
D April 16, 1994[Belgium recommends to pull out UNAMIR completely. French troops left on 15 April. Ghanaian troops of UNAMIR control the airport. CZ delegation established contacts with RPF. A alernatives for UNAMIR. 1. Let it continue without the Begians. 2. Pull out every one except technical ans security support staff of the SRSG]CZ UN Mission
D April 18, 1994[Situation complex. RPF to confirm Arusha peace agreements. Fightings and killings continue. It's Hutus massacring Tutsis. Last Belgium Unamir forces left yesterday]CZ UN Mission
D April 19, 1994[The situation in Kigali is deteriorating further. Refugees under UN protection shelled by the governmental army which is starting to slip out of control of the defense minister. Contact with Uganda delegation]CZ UN Mission
D April 20, 1994[SG did not submit his proposals today. According HRW 100 000 people have been murdered]CZ UN Mission
D April 21, 1994[The NAM group asks to stengthen UNAMIR. US to pull out it completely. A compromise reached. Some 270 people stay around the SRSG]CZ UN Mission
D April 25, 1994Kovanda, Karel[RPF control and massacre at hospital] CZ UN Mission
D April 26, 1994[RPF did not start a unilateral ceasefire. RPF document about genocide. A Prst spelling out the responsibility of the provisional government for the massacres. The US suggested that the Rwanda Amb forwards to his government an appeal of the SC to stop the massacres and the killing off of Tutsis]CZ UN Mission
D 28 avril 1994Kovanda, KarelProjet de déclaration présidentielleCZ UN Mission
D April 28, 1994OUA views and discussions about genocide CZ UN Mission
D April 29, 1994Kovanda, KarelPresidential StatementCZ UN Mission
D May 3, 1994Kovanda, KarelConsidering how to re-engage CZ UN Mission
D May 4, 1994Kovanda, KarelUpdate on Arusha talks and secretary general writes to African countries requesting troop CZ UN Mission
D May 5, 1994Kovanda, KarelSC discusses what's next for UNAMIR and action in RwandaCZ UN Mission
D May 8, 1994[Confused situation in Rwanda and in Security Council]CZ UN Mission
D May 11, 1994[General support for imposing an embargo on arms and military equipment to Rwanda and for opening the investigation of crimes against humanity. Project of the SG to dispatch 5000 soldiers. US project to establish protective zones along the borders. Draft resolutionof Djibouti and NZ]CZ UN Mission
D May 12, 1994[Intensive fightings in Kigali. Ayalla Lasso met with belligerent parties. Agreement about the pinciples of a forthcoming resolution to expand UNAMIR. An embargo on arms will be included]CZ UN Mission
D May 15, 1994[Discussion of a draft resolution about UNAMIR ans embargo on arms]CZ UN Mission
D May 17, 1994Kovanda, Karel[SC adopts Resolution 918 expanding UNAMIR]CZ UN Mission
D May 23, 1994[Iqbal Riza and Maurice Baril in Rwanda. The RPF occupies the airport. He criticizes UN to discuss with the interim government]CZ UN Mission
D May 24, 1994[Riza in Rwanda. Booh-Booh to Nairobi]CZ UN Mission
D May 27, 1994[Agreement of both sides to discuss a ceasefire. RGF units begin to leave Kigali]CZ UN Mission
D May 31, 1994[First meeting RPF-RGF. Evacuation from the Mille Collines Hotel and the stadium. RGF troops and civilians are leaving Kigali for the South]CZ UN Mission
D June 8, 1994[Adoption of Res. 925 - NZ, Spain denounce the genocide]CZ UN Mission
D June 15, 1994Spanish draft resolution on Rwanda - Meeting the new SRSG for RwandaCZ UN Mission
D June 17, 1994French Ambassador informs the Council about the possibility of sending French units to RwandaCZ UN Mission
D June 20, 1994French ambassador introduces new, slightly altered draft resolution and the Council discusses itCZ UN Mission
D June 21, 1994[Discussion about France draft resolution]CZ UN Mission
D June 23, 1994[SG Boutros-Ghali promises to forward to Security Council the report of the Commission of Human rights special rapporteur. Discussion about the draft reolution to form a commission of experts]CZ UN Mission
D June 24, 1994[Information by France Amb. about the french operation - Attacks of the Govt radio station against UNAMIR]CZ UN Mission
D June 27, 1994[Protest against the incendiary broadcasts of Radio Mille Collines - French military operation continues successfully]CZ UN Mission
D June 28, 1994The Commission of Experts on RwandaCZ UN Mission
D July 1, 1994[Adoption of the Spain's resolution - Protests against Radio Mille Collines]CZ UN Mission