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Documents provenant d'archives des États-Unis d'Amérique

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T Date Auteur Titre Source
DAugust 2, 1973Corrigan, Robert F.New Rwandan Government: An EvaluationUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 22, 1991JohnsonRwandan Cease-Fire AccordUS Embassy Kinshasa
DApril 3, 1992Flaten, Robert A.The New Government and Peace NegotiationsUS Embassy Kigali
DJune 5, 1992CurleyRwanda talks in Paris: DAS Davidow with Quai Africa director Dijoud [censored]US Embassy Paris
DJune 11, 1992Flaten, Robert A.Council of Ministers Retires Top Military OfficersUS Embassy Kigali
DJuly 20, 1992DethomasOAU Pol/Mil Commission Established for Rwanda: U.S. Invited to ParticipateUS Embassy Addis Ababa
DJuly 24, 1992ShippyPlanned Meeting with KanyarengweUS Embassy Kampala
DAugust 21, 1992Leader, JoyceInternal Insecurity: An Ongoing ProblemUS Embassy Kigali
DAugust 24, 1992Leader, JoyceGetting on with then GOMNUS Embassy Kigali
DAugust 28, 1992Flaten, Robert A.Major Opposition Party To Chose LeaderUS Embassy Kigali
DSeptember 15, 1992BakerArusha III: The GOR Makes an OfferUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DOctober 22, 1992GelbFallout from Reyntjens/Kuypers Report on Rwandan Death SquadsUS Embassy Brussels
DNovember 17, 1992Flaten, Robert A.GOMN: Neutral Corridor NegotiationsUS Embassy Kigali
DNovember 25, 1992Flaten, Robert A.Ceasefire continues to holdUS Embassy Kigali
DDecember 10, 1992EagleburgerFrench Military Involvement in Rwandan Ceasefire ProcessUS DOS
DDecember 11, 1992CurleyFrench military involvement in RwandaUS DOS
DDecember 14, 1992Flaten, Robert A.Demarches to President and Prime MinisterUS Embassy Kigali
DDecember 16, 1992CurleyA/s Cohen's Discussions With The French On RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DJanuary 15, 1993Carson, JohnnieRwanda: RPF Calls on AmbassadorUS Embassy Kampala
DJanuary 27, 1993Christopher, WarrenDemarche on President HabyarimanaUS DOS
DFebruary 1, 1993Carson, JohnnieRPF Comments on Recent Events in Rwanda and Urges American Statement and SupportUS Embassy Kampala
DFebruary 3, 1993Carson, JohnnieRPF Rep Requests Washington MeetingsUS Embassy Kampala
DFebruary 24, 1993Carson, JohnnieVisit of Lt. Col. Anthony Marley and Possible Marley/Mbabazi MeetingUS Embassy Kampala
DMarch 4, 1993Albright, MadeleineFrance Wants Security Council Action On RwandaUS UN Mission
DMarch 10, 1993WalkerRwanda: SC Stonewalls French Buffer Force IdeaUS UN Mission
DMarch 11, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Minister of Defense on GOMNUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 23, 1993Christopher, WarrenFrench Views on International Forces for RwandaUS DOS
DApril 6, 1993Christopher, WarrenRwanda Negotiations Weekend UpdateUS DOS
DMay 11, 1993De VosArusha Talks: End of Military Talks Near ?US Embassy Dar Es Salam
DMay 28, 1993ShippyRPF'S Dr. Ndihiro on Arusha TalksUS Embassy Kampala
DMay 28, 1993BrowningArusha Peace Talks: Military Issues ContinueUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 1, 1993Christopher, WarrenArusha Peace Talks: Force Proportion Discussions ResumeUS DOS
DJune 2, 1993BrowningNotes from Arusha Peace Talks on RwandaUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 4, 1993Albright, MadeleineSC Members not enthusiastic about Border ForceUS UN Mission
DJune 4, 1993Christopher, WarrenRwanda: Atmosphere at Arusha Talks Deteriorates MarkedlyUS DOS
DJune 7, 1993BrowningArusha Peace Talks: Tanzanian Presses Both Sides toward ConclusionUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 7, 1993Harriman, PamelaGof Requests Urgent Meeting to Resolve Rwanda ImpasseUS Embassy Paris
DJune 8, 1993BrowningArusha Peace Talks: Parties Conclude Protocol on Refugee Repatriation and Reintegration of DisplacedUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 9, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Rwanda Visited By Tanzanian Prime MinisterUS Embassy Kigali
DJune 9, 1993De VosArusha Peace Talks: Breakthrough on Force ProportionsUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 10, 1993Wharton, RoyRwanda: USG/GOF Meeting at USUNUS DOS
DJune 11, 1993Tarnoff, PeterRwanda: Arusha Peace Talks Winding downUS DOS
DJune 14, 1993Albright, MadeleineUS/French Meeting on Rwandan Border ForceUS UN Mission
DJune 16, 1993De VosArusha Peace Talks: Negotiations ContinueUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 21, 1993De VosArusha Peace Talks: Itching toward ConclusionUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 23, 1993Christopher, WarrenArusha Peace Talks: Can they be Salvaged?US DOS
DJune 24, 1993De VosArusha Peace TalksUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJune 24, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Arusha PostponementUS Embassy Kigali
DJune 25, 1993De VosArusha Peace Talks Adjourned IndefinitelyUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJuly 6, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Deadlock Continues over Prime Minister ; MRND Selects LeadersUS Embassy Kigali
DJuly 14, 1993Christopher, WarrenFrench Views on Current UN IssuesUS DOS
DJuly 16, 1993Christopher, WarrenFrench Views on Peacekeeping Operations in RwandaUS DOS
DJuly 23, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Rwandan Military's Point of View on Assistance Needed for DemobilizationUS Embassy Kigali
DJuly 26, 1993Aiston, KevinJoint State - OSD Memorandum concerning Peace keeping in Rwanda and the Criteria of PRD-13US DOS
DJuly 26, 1993Marley, AnthonyMemo to Prudence Bushnell Re Preliminary Peacekeeping Force Options for RwandaUS DOS
DAugust 2, 1993Talking Points / Remarks on RwandaUS DOS
DSeptember 29, 1993Albright, MadeleineSC Pressure Building to Approve Rwanda PKOUS UN Mission
DOctober 7, 1993Albright, MadeleinePerm-5 Foreign Ministers Statement on their Meeting with UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-GhaliUS UN Mission
DOctober 7, 1993Christopher, WarrenRwanda - Approval of ResolutionUS DOS
DOctober 7, 1993Schedule : Juvenal Habyarimana, President of the Republic of Rwanda October 5-9 1993US DOS
DOctober 18, 1993Harriman, PamelaElysee Africa Watcher Offers Tour d'Horizon to Ambassador GlaspieUS Embassy Paris
DNovember 4, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Burundi refugees: numbers up, coordination coming togetherUS Embassy Kigali
DNovember 4, 1993Flaten, Robert A.United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR)US Embassy Kigali
DNovember 15, 1993Flaten, Robert A.Progress on the GTBEUS Embassy Kigali
DNovember 19, 1993FlattenAssassination Attempt on Human Rights LeaderUS Embassy Kigali
DNovember 27, 1993Leader, JoyceAssistance to OAU Protection Force in BurundiUS Embassy Kigali
DDecember 2, 1993Gribbin, RobertFrench Military Withdrawal from RwandaUS Embassy Bangui
DDecember 14, 1993Leader, JoyceTDY of LTC MarleyUS Embassy Kigali
DDecember 17, 1993Leader, JoyceNew UN Security council members (C-EU3-01206) [censuré en partie]US Embassy Kigali
DDecember 23, 1993Leader, JoyceCritical Analysis Of Unamir's Phase 1 OperationsUS Embassy Kigali
DDecember 30, 1993Leader, JoyceGOR names high command membersUS Embassy Kigali
DJanuary 20, 1994Rawson, DavidUNSC: Issues for discussion with new membersUS Embassy Kigali
DJanuary 24, 1994Albright, MadeleineUN Concern Over RwandaUS UN Mission
DJanuary 28, 1994Rawson, DavidRwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) New LeadershipUS Embassy Kigali
DFebruary 1, 1994Rawson, DavidAfter Action Report for Naval School of JusticeUS Embassy Kigali
DFebruary 16, 1994Christopher, WarrenDAS Bushnell and Uwimana Discuss ImpasseUS DOS
DFebruary 17, 1994Rawson, DavidThe Military and the Transition to PeaceUS Embassy Kigali
DFebruary 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenOfficial - Informal [To AMEMBASSY KIGALI]US DOS
DFebruary 22, 1994Rawson, DavidMinister/Politician assassinatedUS Embassy Kigali
DFebruary 23, 1994Rawson, DavidInsecurity Escalates; A Kigali and elsewhereUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 1, 1994Rawson, DavidRPF Rejects Party Agreement; Kigali Calm but TenseUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 4, 1994Rawson, DavidA Visit with HabyarimanaUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 4, 1994Talbott, StrobeVisit of AF DAS Prudence BushnellUS DOS
DMarch 8, 1994Talbott, StrobeNtagerura : Transient Government Imminent ?US DOS
DMarch 9, 1994Talbott, StrobeDemarche on Rwandan ImpasseUS DOS
DMarch 9, 1994Rawson, DavidOfficial-InformalUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 10, 1994Rawson, DavidBurundi Truck Caught Carrying ArmsUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 10, 1994Rawson, DavidDiplomats Review Installation IssuesUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 15, 1994Rawson, DavidUpdate on Burundi Refugees, Displaced Persons and Spontaneous ReturneesUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 18, 1994Rawson, DavidFacilitator ends mission empty-handedUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenSubject = Official - InformalUS DOS
D22 March 1994Visit of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the African Bureau of the US State Department, Ms Prudence Bushnell, to RPF in MulindiUS DOS
DMarch 23, 1994Albright, MadeleineDiscussions on Rwanda Mandate and New SRSG to ZaireUS UN Mission
DMarch 24, 1994Rawson, DavidDAS Bushnell and AF/C DIRECTOR RENDER Push for Transition to BeginUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 24, 1994Rawson, DavidDAS Bushnell and AF/C Director Render Push for Transition to BeginUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 24, 1994Lange, Leonard J.Status of Situation in Burundi - March 24, 1994US Embassy Bujumbura
DMarch 25, 1994Rawson, DavidPresident Habyarimana Receives Dasd Irvin, Promised Installation Ceremonies AbortedUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 25, 1994Rawson, DavidDas Bushnell Meets Habyarimana and RPF [non tronqué]US Embassy Kigali
DMarch 25, 1994Rawson, DavidDemarche Request On CDR ParticipationUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 25, 1994Rawson, DavidDAS Bushnell meets Habyarimana and RPF [tronqué]US Embassy Kigali
DMarch 26, 1994Lange, Leonard J.DAS Bushnell Meeting with Burundi Prime Minister Anatole KanyenkikoUS Embassy Bujumbura
DMarch 28, 1994Rawson, DavidCDR Issues Prove IntractableUS Embassy Kigali
DMarch 31, 1994Rawson, DavidA Government, Maybe?US Embassy Kigali
DApril 1, 1994Rawson, DavidSORWATHE Temporarily Shut DownUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 1, 1994Rawson, DavidNegotiations Slide Into Long WeekEndUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 4, 1994Talbott, StrobeHuman Rights Demarche [Harassment against human rights monitor Monique Mujawamariya]US DOS
DApril 4, 1994Walker, EdwardPerm-5 Discussions On Rwanda Mandate ExtensionUS UN Mission
DApril 5, 1994Harriman, PamelaRwanda: Demarche To The French On UNSC ResolutionUS Embassy Paris
DApril 6, 1994Christopher, WarrenOFFICIAL - INFORMALUS DOS
DApril 6, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceDeath of Rwandan and Burundian Presidents in Plane Crash Outside KigaliUS DOS
DApril 6, 1994Walker, EdwardSecurity Council Votes To Extend UnamirUS UN Mission
DApril 6, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceMemo from Prudence Bushnell to the Secretary Re Death of Rwandan and Burundi Presidents in Plane Crash Outside KigaliUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994LangeBurundi Reaction to Downing of Aircraft Carrying Presidents Ntaryamira and HabyarimanaUS Embassy Bujumbura
DApril 7, 1994EisenbraunOperations Center Watch Log April 7 1994US DOS
DApril 7, 1994Christopher, WarrenDeath of Rwanda and Burundi PresidentsUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: Two UN Peacekeepers ExecutedUS UN Mission
DApril 7, 1994Carson, JohnnieA/S Moose's Meeting with RPF in KampalaUS Embassy Kampala
DApril 7, 1994Christopher, WarrenEAC Meeting - April 7, 1994US DOS
DApril 7, 1994Turnmoil in RwandaUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994Rwanda/Burundi : Violence Update no 2US DOS
DApril 7, 1994Blinken, AlanFurther From Belgian MFA on Situation in RwandaUS Embassy Brussels
DApril 7, 1994Rwanda: Authorization to Vote and EOVUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994Burundi/Rwanda : Presidents KilledUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994AF Press Guidance April 7 1994US DOS
DApril 7, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgian MFA on Situation in RwandaUS Embassy Brussels
DApril 7, 1994EisenbraunDepartment of State - Executive Secretariat - Watch LogUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994Christopher, WarrenOvernight Brief, Thursday, April 7, 1994US DOS
DApril 7, 1994BrowningTanzania Requests U.S. Assistance in Kigali and Explains its Position in Rwanda and BurundiUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DApril 7, 1994BrowningTanzanian Cabinet to Meet on Burundi/Rwanda Crisis [Included Text of the Joint Communique Issued at the End of the Regional Summit Held in Dar Es Salaam on 6th April 1994]US Embassy Dar Es Salam
DApril 7, 1994Harriman, PamelaInitial French Views on the Situation in RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DApril 7, 1994Memorandum for Acting Assistant Secretary Bushnell : REWGRW01 : Working Group Formation to Deal with the Situation in Rwanda and BurundiUS DOS
DApril 7, 1994Grossman, MarcMemorandum for Colonel Robert Mcaleer USMC Department of Defense RE Request for Contingency Planning for Possible Military-Assisted Evacuation Operation of American Citizens in RwandaUS DOS
DApril 8, 1994Brazeal, AureleaMeeting at Belgian Embassy on Situation in RwandaUS Embassy Nairobi
DApril 8, 1994Albright, MadeleineUN'S Evacuation Plans for, and Statement to Security Council on RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 8, 1994Albright, MadeleineSitrep on Rwanda from UNAMIR HQUS UN Mission
DApril 8, 1994Rwanda: Downward SpiralUS DOS
DApril 8, 1994Working Group Formation to Deal with the Situation in Kigali and BujumburaUS DOS
DApril 8, 1994Christopher, WarrenSituation Report as of 1600 EDT, 04/08/94, EDTUS DOS
DApril 8, 1994Situation Report No. 6 - Situation Report as of 1630 EDT, 04/08/94US DOS
DApril 8, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda update : Request for Info from Belgians and FrenchUS DOS
DApril 9, 1994Albright, MadeleineWGRWOL: UN SYG Letter To SC ; RPF Threats ; SC Informals ; Provisional Govt FormedUS UN Mission
DApril 9, 1994Albright, MadeleineWGRWOL: UNSC Discusses Rwanda; No action takenUS UN Mission
DApril 9, 1994Albright, MadeleineWGRWOL: UN SYG Letter to SC; RPF Threats; SC Informals; Provisional Govt formedUS UN Mission
DApril 9, 1994Christopher, WarrenSituation Report No. 6 as of 1630 EDT, 04/08/94US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Fendrick, Reed J.Situation Report No 10US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Fendrick, Reed J.Situation Report No 11US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Situation Report No 12 Situation as of 1030 EDT, 04/09/94US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Render, ArleneSituation Report No 13US DOS
DApril 9, 1994McCulley, Terence P.Situation Report No 16US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Render, ArleneSituation Report No 19US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Situation Report No 19US DOS
DApril 9, 1994Christopher, WarrenTFRWOL: Rwanda SituationUS DOS
DApril 9, 1994Christopher, WarrenTERW01: Situation Report as of 06:00 EDT. 04/09/94US DOS
DApril 11, 1994Grey, Robert T.Memorandum to Ambassador Walker. Subject : Security council informals on Rwanda 11:00 Monday April 11US UN Mission
DApril 11, 1994Albright, MadeleineWGRWOL: Update from UN 4/11US UN Mission
DApril 11, 1994Harvin, MichaelMemorandum for Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Talking Points on Rwanda/Burundi (U)US DOD
DApril 11, 1994Brazeal, AureleaRwanda Evacuation : 11 April, 10 30US Embassy Nairobi
D11 avril 1994Brazeal, AureleaRwanda Evacuation : 11 April, 11 00US Embassy Nairobi
D11 avril 1994Brazeal, AureleaRwanda Evacuation 11 April, 11 15US Embassy Nairobi
D11 avril 1994Brazeal, AureleaRwanda Evacuation 11 April, 13 30US Embassy Nairobi
DApril 11, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgian Foreign Minister Reports Six Belgian Civilians Killed in RwandaUS Embassy Brussels
DApril 12, 1994Albright, MadeleinePotential Truce; Unamir's Future Role; Belgian Role in UNAMIRUS UN Mission
D12 avril 1994Brazeal, AureleaColonel Blames Right Wing Military for Kigali's NightmareUS Embassy Nairobi
DApril 12, 1994Harriman, PamelaTalks with the GOF on Rwanda, April 12, 1800 hrsUS Embassy Paris
DApril 12, 1994Albright, MadeleineFuture UNAMIR and French Roles in RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 12, 1994Albright, MadeleineFuture UNAMIR and French Roles in RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 12, 1994Grey, Robert T.Security Council informals on RwandaUS DOS
DApril 12, 1994Brazeal, Aureleaxxx Blames Right Wing Military for Kigali's NightmareUS Embassy Nairobi
DApril 13, 1994BayFrench Forces on Way out of RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DApril 13, 1994Albright, MadeleineTFRWOL: Troop Contributers Discuss Unamir's FutureUS UN Mission
DApril 13, 1994Bennet, Douglas J.Memo from Douglas J. Bennet to Secretary Warren Christopher Re Phone Calls to UN Secretary General Boutros-Ghali on Bosnia and RwandaUS DOS
DApril 14, 1994Christopher, WarrenDemarche on Reconvening Arusha TalksUS DOS
DApril 14, 1994TFRWOL: Still no Security Council action, 4/13US UN Mission
DApril 15, 1994LangeNed from Kigali and an Analysis of what HappenedUS Embassy Bujumbura
DApril 15, 1994Christopher, WarrenTo US Mission to the United Nations, New York : Talking points on UNAMIR withdrawalUS DOS
DApril 15, 1994Albright, MadeleineUN Recommendations to be acted upon at 4/15US UN Mission
DApril 16, 1994TFRWOL: Security Council at Impasse on UNAMIR'sUS UN Mission
DApril 18, 1994Yates, JohnFormer A/S Cohen meets MobutuUS Embassy Kinshasa
DApril 19, 1994Albright, MadeleineUNSC Gets Update on Rwanda 4/18US UN Mission
DApril 20, 1994Christopher, WarrenDepartment Tells RPF to Stop the Fighting NowUS DOS
DApril 21, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda Discussed in Security Council, April 20US UN Mission
DApril 21, 1994Harriman, PamelaFrench pessimism on RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DApril 21, 1994Albright, MadeleineSYG Reluctant to Withdraw from RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 22, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Human Rights Defender Mujawamariya Calls On Ambassador Albright, Urges Continuation Of UNAMIR Presence In RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenArusha Talks 1994US DOS
DApril 23, 1994Albright, MadeleineDraw-Down of UNAMIR ; Status of CiviliansUS UN Mission
DApril 26, 1994Rwanda: RPF Presents Museveni with Unilateral Ceasefire DeclarationUS Embassy Kampala
DApril 26, 1994Biographic Report - Rwanda Leonidas RusatiraUS DOD
DApril 26, 1994Albright, MadeleineUNSC Votes to Reduce Size of UN PKO in RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 26, 1994TarnoffRwandan ambassador says killings continue. Foreign Minister plans to go to USUS DOS
DApril 27, 1994Tarnoff, PeterDAS Bushnell Tells Rwanda Army Leader Killings Must StopUS DOS
DApril 27, 1994Albright, MadeleineUNSC Activity on RwandaUS UN Mission
DApril 28, 1994Blinken, AlanProposed Visit to US by Rwanda Interim Govt. FonMin Jerome BicamumpakaUS Embassy Brussels
DApril 28, 1994Talbott, StrobeRGF Willing To NegotiateUS DOS
DApril 28, 1994Harriman, PamelaRwanda: Discussions in Paris at the Quai, the Élysée, MSF/France and with Rwandan AmbassadorUS Embassy Paris
DApril 28, 1994StewartGenocide : OptionsUS DOS
DApril 29, 1994Talbott, StrobeDAS Bushnell tells Col. Bagosora to stop the killings.US DOS
DApril 29, 1994Talbott, StrobeVisa Application/proposed Visit to U.S. by Rwanda Interim Government FM Bicamumpaka. and Pol. Dir. BarayagwizaUS DOS
DApril 29, 1994Harriman, PamelaMeeting with the Rwandan Interim Government Foreign Minister in ParisUS Embassy Paris
DApril 29, 1994Yates, JohnRwanda Interim Government Declarations Suggest Mobutu Peace InitiativeUS Embassy Kinshasa
DApril 29, 1994YatesRwanda Interim Government Declarations Suggest Mobutu Peace InitiativeUS Embassy Kinshasa
DApril 30, 1994Harriman, PamelaMeeting with the Rwanda Interim GovernmentUS Embassy Paris
DApril 30, 1994Talbott, StrobeRwandan Ambassador Asks for Visas, Denies GOR Responsabilities for MassacresUS DOS
DApril 30, 1994Albright, MadeleineNext steps on Rwanda - April 29US UN Mission
DApril 30, 1994Albright, MadeleineSecurity Council adopts presidential statement on Rwanda, April 30US UN Mission
DMay 1, 1994Talbott, StrobeGOR chief of state Bizimungo to respect cease-fire and stop massacres if RPF do the sameUS DOS
DMay 1, 1994Discussion Paper [Rwanda Crisis]US DOD
DMay 3, 1994Mann, JaneanMemo to Arlene Render. Subject : Rwandan RadiosUS DOS
DMay 3, 1994Bohlen, Avis T.Rwanda: Discussions With The Quai On May 3: Marlaud Mission ; Emergency aid ; TrilateralsUS Embassy Paris
DMay 4, 1994Talbott, StrobePress Guidance, May 3, 1994US DOS
DMay 4, 1994Ayala Lasso, JosePress Statement by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr. Jose Ayala Lasso May 4 1994US UN Mission Geneva
DMay 4, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceTestimony of Deputy Assistance Secretary of State Prudence Bushnell Before the House Subcommittee on Africa on the Crisis in Rwanda May 4 1994US DOS
DMay 4, 1994Talbott, StrobeA/S Moose's Testimony on the Crisis in RwandaUS DOS
DMay 5, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: Requests for Immediate AssistanceUS UN Mission
DMay 5, 1994Clinton, BillPresidential Message on RwandaUS DOS
DMay 5, 1994Wisner, Franck G.Rwanda : Jamming Civilian Radio BroadcastUS DOD
DMay 06, 1994Christopher, WarrenKigali Situation [Conversation with general Dallaire]US DOS
DMay 6, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda: Requests for Immediate AssistanceUS DOS
DMay 6, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: SC President Will Write to SYGUS UN Mission
DMay 6, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda SITREP May 6, Information for Geneva Press RemarksUS DOS
DMay 6, 1994Bohlen, Avis T.Visit of Ambassador David Rawson to Paris, May 8-10US Embassy Paris
DMay 7, 1994Albright, MadeleineSecurity Council Agrees on Letter to SYG onUS UN Mission
DMay 9, 1994Shattuck, JohnMemo to The Acting Secretary Re My Trip to East and Central AfricaUS DOS
DMay 9, 1994Rwanda : The Rwandan Patriotic Front's Offensive (U) - Key JudgementsUS DOD
DMay 9, 1994Rwanda : The Rwandan Patriotic's Front Offensive (U)US DOD
DMay 9, 1994Gati, Toby T.To: Moose Subject : Rwanda - Geneva Convention ViolationsUS DOS
DMay 10, 1994Harriman, PamelaMay 9-10 Discussions in Paris on a UNHRC Special Session for Rwanda and Related IssuesUS Embassy Paris
DMay 11, 1994Harriman, PamelaDealing with the French on Rwanda : Shared Objectives, Different LogicUS Embassy Paris
DMay 11, 1994Albright, MadeleineTalking Points RwandaUS UN Mission
DMay 11, 1994Albright, MadeleineTalking Points RwandaUS UN Mission
DMay 11, 1994Harvin, MichaelMemorandum of Conversation - Rwanda Interagency TeleconUS DOD
DMay 12, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: May 12 Council InformalsUS UN Mission
DMay 13, 1994Talbott, StrobeRwanda: Security Council DiscussionsUS DOS
DMay 13, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda : May 13 Security Council InformalsUS UN Mission
DMay 13, 1994Carson, JohnnieRwanda-ganda: No RPF Bases in UgandaUS Embassy Kampala
DMay 13, 1994Tarnoff, PeterRwanda: Security Council DiscussionsUS DOS
DMay 16, 1994Donoghue, JoanDraft Legal Analysis [Genocide in Rwanda ?] US DOS
DMay 17, 1994Albright, Madeleine(U) Suggested changes to draft resolutionUS UN Mission
DMay 18, 1994Talbott, StrobeActing Secretary Convokes Rwandan AmbassadorUS DOS
DMay 18, 1994Albright, MadeleineSecurity Council approves phased UNAMIR expansionUS UN Mission
DMay 18, 1994Gati, Toby T.Rwanda - Geneva Convention ViolationsUS DOS
DMay 18, 1994Albright, MadeleineSecurity Council Approves Phased UNAMIRUS UN Mission
DMay 18, 1994Harriman, PamelaBuilding a Case against French Policy in Rwanda: Liberation on the OffensiveUS Embassy Paris
DMay 19, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda Troop Contributor Meeting and ActionUS UN Mission
DMay 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda Makes Demands of Security CouncilUS UN Mission
DMay 21, 1994Moose, George E.Has Genocide Occurred in Rwanda ?US DOS
DMay 25, 1994Carson, JohnnieRwandan Ambassador Makes Contact With Gor Army Commanders In RwandaUS Embassy Kampala
DMay 26, 1994Christopher, WarrenOfficial-Informal [Sitrep for Rwanda/Burundi for May 26]US DOS
DMay 1994The Clinton Administration's Policy on Reforming Multilateral Peace OperationsUS DOS
DJune 2, 1994Arms and Le Guide : Tough talk to Mobutu on RwandaUS DOS
DJune 3, 1994MarreroRwanda : Bringing the Guilty to JusticeUS DOS
DJune 6, 1994Harriman, PamelaEnding the Arms Flow from Zaire to RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DJune 6, 1994TarnoffDraft Resolution on RwandaUS DOS
DJune 7, 1994Albright, MadeleineCouncil Reactions To Draft Resolution On RwandaUS UN Mission
DJune 7, 1994Render, ArleneMemo from Arlene Render to AS Moose Re Decisions on Strategy on Rwanda for OAU SummitUS DOS
DJune 7, 1994Albright, MadeleineECOSOC Resumed Session Endorses HRC Resolution on RwandaUS UN Mission
DJune 7, 1994ScottZaire And Arms For NeighborsUS Embassy Kinshasa
DJune 7, 1994Tarnoff, PeterOfficial-Informal [Rwanda/Burundi SitRep]US DOS
DJune 7, 1994Albright, MadeleineCouncil Reactions to Draft Resolution on RwandaUS UN Mission
DJune 10, 1994Talbott, StrobeAmCit Nuns Trapped in RwandaUS DOS
DJune 10, 1994Additional Information on AMCit Nuns in RwandaUS DOS
DJune 11, 1994Talbott, StrobeTravel of USG Delegation to Burundi and UgandaUS DOS
DJune 14, 1994Brynn, EdwardTo the Secretary. Subject : U.S. Delegation to Burundi and UgandaUS DOS
DJune 15, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceMemo from Prudence Bushnell to Arlene Render Re Your Meeting with Rwandan Prime Minister-Designate Faustin Twagiramungu Friday June 17 300 PMUS DOS
DJune 15, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Amb Not Acceptable As Sc President US UN Mission
DJune 15, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda - SC Discusses Commission of ExpertsUS UN Mission
DJune 15, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: Bringing the Guilty to JusticeUS UN Mission
DJune 16, 1994KaistenPoints on Rwanda for the Secretary for telcon with FM JuppéUS DOS
DJune 16, 1994Christopher, WarrenDraft Spanish Resolution on Commission of Experts for Rwanda : US ResponseUS DOS
DJune 17, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: movement of APCsUS UN Mission
DJune 17, 1994CroweRwanda peacekeeping: British trucks but no troopsUS Embassy London
DJune 17, 1994BaasA/S Moose and Museveni discuss Rwanda and SudanUS Embassy Addis Ababa
DJune 17, 1994Points on Rwanda for the Secretary for Telcon with FM Juppe Friday June 17 1994US DOS
DJune 17, 1994Albright, MadeleineFrance Ready To Send Troops To RwandaUS UN Mission
DJune 17, 1994Albright, MadeleineFrance ready to send troops to RwandaUS UN Mission
DJune 17, 1994Talbott, StrobeSupport for French initiative on RwandaUS DOS
DJune 17, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgian Government announces addtional emergencyUS Embassy Brussels
DJune 18, 1994Talbott, StrobeOfficial-InformalUS DOS
DJune 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineUN Discusses of French Initiative for Rwanda.US UN Mission
DJune 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineMeeting Bradol InderfurthUS UN Mission
DJune 21, 1994Donoghue, JoanMemo from Joan Donoghue to Amb. Moose and Prudence Bushnell Re Mechanisms for Holding Individuals Accountable for Events in RwandaUS DOS
DJune 22, 1994Albright, MadeleineLatest Draft Resolution on French InitiativeUS UN Mission
DJune 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenFM SecState WashDC to AMEmbassy Paris Subject: AMCit Nuns in RwandaUS DOS
DJune 22, 1994Talbott, StrobeAF/C Discusses French Proposal with RPFUS DOS
DJune 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenAMCit Nuns in RwandaUS DOS
DJune 23, 1994Albright, MadeleineCouncil Barely Delivers Enough Votes to Back French Move into RwandaUS UN Mission
DJune 23, 1994ScottThe Sisters of St.Mary of Namur and the French Military Operation in RwandaUS Embassy Kinshasa
DJune 24, 1994Ramsay, WilliamCongo Supports French Rwanda Initiative, UNAMIR IIUS Embassy Brazzaville
DJune 24, 1994MalottSeychelles arms for ZaireUS Embassy Victoria
DJune 28, 1994Gribbin, RobertFrench use of Bangui for RwandaUS Embassy Bangui
DJune 28, 1994MalottSeychelles arms for RwandaUS Embassy Victoria
DJune 29, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: UNAMIR Contributors MeetingUS UN Mission
DJune 29, 1994Christopher, WarrenNuns in Peril in Kiruhura, RwandaUS DOS
DJune 30, 1994Andreani, A/S Moose Discuss Next Steps in RwandaUS DOS
DJuly 1, 1994Nuns in Peril in RwandaUS Embassy Kampala
DJuly 1, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Refugee Camp In BenacoUS UN Mission
DJuly 5, 1994Fromuth, PeterMemo from Peter Fromuth and Laurie Shestack to Amb. Inderfurth Re Political Strategy for Rwanda SC Informals on Rwanda July 6 11 amUS DOS
DJuly 5, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgians Postpone Indefinitely Sending Medical Team to Support French Intervention in RwandaUS Embassy Brussels
DJuly 5, 1994Blinken, AlanBolstering EU Response to Rwanda Crisis; Preventive Diplomacy in BurundiUS Embassy Brussels
DJuly 6, 1994Gnehm, Edward W.Rwanda : French Reassure SC about Humanitarian ZoneUS UN Mission
DJuly 6, 1994Gnehm, Edward W.Rwanda: French Reassure SC About Humanitarian ZoneUS UN Mission
DJuly 6, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgian Defense Minister Criticizes French on Rwanda ActionUS Embassy Brussels
DJuly 7, 1994Harriman, PamelaDemarche On French Humanitarian Zone In RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DJuly 7, 1994Talbott, StrobeHuman Rights Violations: Detention of Gatete and AssociatesUS DOS
DJuly 8, 1994Gnehm, Edward W.Rwanda: Troop Contributors' MeetingUS UN Mission
DJuly 9, 1994Talbott, StrobeGatete Departure from BenacoUS DOS
DJuly 9, 1994Grossman, MarcMemorandum for Anthony Lake. Subject : Emergency Fund Drawdown for Refugees Returnees and Conflict Victims from Rwanda and BurundiUS DOS
DJuly 11, 1994Albright, MadeleineFrench Prime Minister addresses the SC of « Rwanda »US UN Mission
DJuly 11, 1994Albright, MadeleineFrench Prime minister addresses the SC of « Rwanda »US UN Mission
DJuly 12, 1994BrowningOgata Pleased with Benaco; Leaves Gatete Problem to OthersUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DJuly 13, 1994Bohlen, Avis T.Consultations with France on Rwanda War Crime IssuesUS Embassy Paris
DJuly 13, 1994Carson, JohnnieSituation Report on APC's to UNAMIRUS Embassy Kampala
DJuly 13, 1994Bohlen, Avis T.GOF Confirms Troops Will Stay Slightly Longer in RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DJuly 15, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: Security Council Adopts Statement July 14 Calling for CeasefireUS UN Mission
DJuly 15, 1994Carson, JohnnieDemarche To Uganda On RwandaUS Embassy Kampala
DJuly 15, 1994Christopher, WarrenTo AM Embassy Paris : Non-Recognition of Rwanda Interim GovernmentUS DOS
DJuly 15, 1994Christopher, WarrenNext Steps in Addressing War Crimes in RwandaUS DOS
DJuly 15, 1994Bohlen, AvisNon-Recognition of Rwanda Interim GovernmentUS Embassy Paris
DJuly 15, 1994Christopher, WarrenNon-Recognition of Interim Government of RwandaUS DOS
DJuly 16, 1994Rwanda: 15 Jul 94 Security Council MeetingUS UN Mission
DJuly 16, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda/Zaire: Into The AbyssUS DOS
DJuly 18, 1994Hume, CameronBriefing Memorandum from Cameron Hume to Amb. Albright - Subject : July 18 Security Council Informals on RwandaUS DOS
DJuly 18, 1994Johnson, DavidStatement by David Johnson Acting Spokesman : $19 million for Refugees from Rwanda and BurundiUS DOS
DJuly 18, 1994Talbott, StrobeHumanitarian crisis in Goma: July 17 conversations with RPF representative Ruego in Brussels and Belgian MFA chef de cabinet WillemsUS DOS
DJuly 19, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: 18 Jul 94 Security Council MeetingUS UN Mission
DJuly 23, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: 22 July Security Council MeetingUS UN Mission
DJuly 26, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda War CrimesUS DOS
DJuly 26, 1994Rawson, DavidLetter from Ambassador David Rawson to the Prime Minister of RwandaUS Embassy Kigali
DJuly 27, 1994Letter to U.S. Ambassador David Rawson from Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu of RwandaUS DOS
DJuly 27, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda War Crimes Tribunal - Russian DemarcheUS UN Mission
DJuly 29, 1994Talbott, StrobeMoroccans to ZaireUS DOS
DAugust 1, 1994U.S. Government Humanitarian Assistance in Response to the Rwanda Crisis as of August 1 1994US DOS
DAugust 2, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: Establishment of Commission of ExpertsUS UN Mission
DAugust 3, 1994Christopher, WarrenPress Guidance - August 3 1994US DOS
DAugust 5, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda War CrimesUS UN Mission
DAugust 10, 1994Christopher, WarrenAfrica Bureau Friday Report 08/5/94US DOS
DAugust 12, 1994Harriman, PamelaA/S Shattuck's meeting with French on RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DAugust 13, 1994Harriman, PamelaDRL/MLA Director Rosenblatt's Meeting with Belgian Official on Rwanda Tribunal and MonitorsUS Embassy Paris
DAugust 17, 1994BrowningArusha Summit on Rwanda and Burundi Ends with no Conclusive Plan of ActionUS Embassy Dar Es Salam
DAugust 18, 1994SpiegelRwanda: Initial Meeting With Commission Of ExpertsUS UN Mission Geneva
DAugust 24, 1994Memorandum Regarding USG Proposal for a UNSC Resolution on Detention of Persons Suspected of Having Committed Crimes against International Humanitarian Law in Rwanda BurundiUS DOS
DAugust 26, 1994Gnehm, Edward W.Demarche For International Tribunal In RwandaUS UN Mission
DAugust 26, 1994Talbott, StrobeSubmission of Report to Un Commission of Experts on RwandaUS DOS
DAugust 30, 1994Gnehm, Edward W.War Crimes Tribunal for RwandaUS UN Mission
DAugust 31, 1994Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal Demarche To GoTUS DOS
DSeptember 1994Moose, George E.New Human Rights Abuses in RwandaUS DOS
DSeptember 1, 1994Resolution Establishing War Crimes Tribunal for RwandaUS DOS
DSeptember 12, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda: Gen Dallaire Addresses Troop ContributorsUS UN Mission
DSeptember 13, 1994Albright, MadeleineProposed Un Security Council Resolution Authorizing Detention of Suspected Rwandan War CriminalsUS UN Mission
DSeptember 19, 1994Harriman, PamelaFrench Perspective on Rwanda War CrimesUS Embassy Paris
DSeptember 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda War Crimes TribunalUS UN Mission
DSeptember 22, 1994SpiegelWgrw02: Proposed Investigations To Be Conducted For The Commission Of Experts On RwandaUS UN Mission Geneva
DSeptember 23, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda War CrimesUS UN Mission
DSeptember 28, 1994Christopher, WarrenResolution Establishing War Crimes Tribunal for RwandaUS DOS
DSeptember 29, 1994Albright, MadeleineA/S Shattuck Discussions With Secretariat, ICRC, and missions regarding Haiti, Rwanda, Burundi, China, Turkey, and funding for UN Human Rights activitiesUS UN Mission
DSeptember 29, 1994Shattuck, JohnRwanda Human Rights Monitors: Moving to a More Effective PresenceUS DOS
DSeptember 30, 1994Albright, MadeleineResolution And Statute Establishing War CrimesUS UN Mission
DOctober 3, 1994Render, ArleneMemo from Arlene Render to George E.Moose Regarding Meeting with Rwandan President BizimunguUS DOS
DOctober 4, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda TribunalUS UN Mission
DOctober 5, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda TribunalUS UN Mission
DOctober 7, 1994Christopher, WarrenTrilateral Meeting on RwandaUS DOS
DOctober 7, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda - Security Council Meets With Pres Bizimungu Oct 6US UN Mission
DOctober 11, 1994Rawson, DavidDesired Follow-up on Gersony AllegationsUS Embassy Kigali
DOctober 14, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda - Security Council Agrees On Presidential Statement, Oct 13US UN Mission
DOctober 19, 1994WhiteheadRwandan Position On Rwanda War Crimes TribunalUS Embassy Kigali
DOctober 19, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda War CrimesUS DOS
DOctober 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Views On War Crimes TribunalUS UN Mission
DOctober 20, 1994WhiteheadFollow-up Demarches On Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal Resolution : Prime Minister and Justice MinisterUS Embassy Kigali
DOctober 22, 1994WhiteheadContacts With Gor On War Crimes TribunalUS Embassy Kigali
DOctober 29, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Concerns About TribunalUS UN Mission
DNovember 2, 1994Christopher, WarrenFollow-up Demarche To Gor On TribunalUS DOS
DNovember 2, 1994WhiteheadRwanda War Crimes InvestigationsUS Embassy Kigali
DDecember 19, 1994Hume, Cameron R.Security Council Informals on BurundiUS UN Mission
DJanuary 23, 1995Harriman, PamelaFrench May Press Boutros-Ghali To Appoint Overall Coordinator For RwandaUS Embassy Paris
DMarch 8, 1995Albright, MadeleineRwandan Arms Embargo: Perm 5 ViewsUS UN Mission
DMarch 15, 1995Rawson, DavidRumors of French Support for Ex-FAR Take on a Life on Their OwnUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 4, 1995Rawson, DavidCountry Clearance Request - Mr. Pierre-Richard ProsperUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 18, 1995Rwanda: SYG Report on UNAMIRUS UN Mission
DApril 18, 1995War Crimes - Demarche April 17 on Rwandan FourUS Embassy Yaoundé
DApril 22, 1995Exchange of fire at Kibeho campUS Embassy Kigali
D23 avril 1995Duqué, RichardRwanda - Communiqué du Ministère des Affaires étrangères (Paris, 23 avril 1995)US DOS
DApril 23, 1995Update On Tragedy at KibehoUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 24, 1995SpiegelICRC and UNHCR Updates: Kibeho camp casualtiesUS UN Mission Geneva
DApril 28, 1995Rawson, DavidRwanda sets up International Inquiry into Kibeho eventsUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 28, 1995Harriman, PamelaQuai Comments On Rwanda: DevelopmentUS Embassy Paris
DApril 28, 1995Bushnell, PrudenceTo Kevin Aiston : Dutch & Belge on RwandaUS DOS
DMay 16, 1995Harriman, PamelaFrench Believe UNAMIR'S Mandate may be Modified to Make it Acceptable to KigaliUS Embassy Paris
DMay 16, 1995Relocating Rwandan RefugeesUS DOS
DJune 1, 1995Harriman, PamelaQuai Africa Bureau Chief Fumes about Rwanda Demarche [Discouraging FAR incursion from Zaire to Rwanda]US Embassy Paris
DJune 2, 1995Harriman, PamelaArms To The Rwandan Ex-government ForcesUS Embassy Paris
DJuly 21, 1995Talbott, StrobeArms to Rwandans in Zaire - Talking PointsUS DOS
DAugust 25, 1995Talbott, StrobeOfficial-Informal [Repatriation of refugees from Zaire to Rwanda]US DOS
DAugust 25, 1995Heflin, D.Ad Hoc Meeting On Rwanda And BurundiUS DOS
DAugust 28, 1995Rawson, DavidMeeting with President BizimunguUS Embassy Kigali
DAugust 28, 1995Rawson, DavidNational Assembly Removes Prime MinisterUS Embassy Kigali
DAugust 28, 1995Sendashonga, SethAugust 28, 1995 letter from Seth Sendashonga, Minister of the Interior, to the President of the Republic of RwandaUS DOS
DAugust 29, 1995Rawson, DavidWhat The Reshuffle MeansUS Embassy Kigali
DJuly 17, 2003Russel, Daniel R.ICTY: President Meron urges USG to oppose Del Ponte renewalUS DOS
DJanuary 26, 2007Stapleton, Craig RobertsC/T Judge on France, Rwanda, Pakistan, and his political future (Jean-Louis Bruguiere)US Embassy Paris
DApril 24, 2008AriettiThe Spanish Indictments: outrageous and inaccurateUS Embassy Kigali
DApril 24, 2009SymingtonSupporting Darfur candidacy of Rwandan General Patrick NyamvumbaUS Embassy Kigali
DOctober 1, 2009Rivkin, CarlesRwanda: French Judge Ends Questioning of Rose KabuyeUS Embassy Paris