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Documents provenant d'archives des États-Unis d'Amérique

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Date Auteur Titre Source
December 10, 1992EagleburgerFrench Military Involvement in Rwandan Ceasefire ProcessUS DOS
December 11, 1992CurleyFrench military involvement in RwandaUS DOS
January 27, 1993Christopher, WarrenDemarche on President HabyarimanaUS DOS
February 24, 1993CarsonVisit of Lt. Col. Anthony Marley and Possible Marley/Mbabazi MeetingUS Embassy Kampala
December 2, 1993GribbinFrench Military Withdrawal from RwandaUS Embassy Bangui
December 30, 1993Leader, JoyceGOR names high command membersUS Embassy Kigali
February 22, 1994Rawson, DavidMinister/Politician assassinatedUS Embassy Kigali
March 8, 1994Talbott, StrobeNtagerura : Transient government imminent ?US DOS
March 25, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceDAS Bushnell meets Habyarimana and RPFUS Embassy Kigali
March 28, 1994Rawson, DavidCDR Issues Prove IntractableUS Embassy Kigali
April 1, 1994Rawson, DavidNegotiations Slide Into Long WeekEndUS Embassy Kigali
April 6, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceDeath of Rwandan and Burundian Presidents in Plane Crash Outside KigaliUS DOS
April 6, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceMemo from Prudence Bushnell to the Secretary Re Death of Rwandan and Burundi Presidents in Plane Crash Outside KigaliUS DOS
April 7, 1994EisenbraunDepartment of State - Executive Secretariat - Watch LogUS DOS
April 7, 1994Burundi/Rwanda : Presidents KilledUS DOS
April 7, 1994Turnmoil in RwandaUS DOS
April 7, 1994Rwanda/Burundi : Violence Update no 2US DOS
April 8, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda update : Request for Info from Belgians and FrenchUS DOS
April 8, 1994Rwanda: Downward SpiralUS DOS
April 8, 1994BrazealMeeting at Belgian Embassy on Situation in RwandaUS Embassy Nairobi
April 8, 1994Working Group Formation to Deal with the Situation in Kigali and BujumburaUS DOS
April 8, 1994Christopher, WarrenSituation Report as of 1600 EDT, 04/08/94, EDTUS DOS
April 8, 1994Situation Report No. 6 - Situation Report as of 1630 EDT, 04/08/94US DOS
April 9, 1994Fendrick, Reed J.Situation Report No 10US DOS
April 9, 1994Fendrick, Reed J.Situation Report No 11US DOS
April 9, 1994Situation Report No 12US DOS
April 9, 1994Render, ArleneSituation Report No 13US DOS
April 9, 1994McCulley, Terence P.Situation Report No 16US DOS
April 9, 1994Render, ArleneSituation Report No 19US DOS
April 9, 1994Situation Report No 19US DOS
April 11, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgian Foreign Minister Reports Six Belgian Civilians Killed in RwandaUS Embassy Brussels
April 11, 1994Harvin, MichaelMemorandum for Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Talking Points on Rwanda/Burundi (U)US DOD
April 12, 1994Grey, Robert T.Security Council informals on RwandaUS DOS
April 12, 1994xxx Blames Right Wing Military for Kigali's NightmareUS DOS
12 avril 1994HarrimanTalks with the GOF on Rwanda, April 12, 1800 hrsUS Embassy Paris
12 avril 1994Brazeal, AureleaColonel Blames Right Wing Military for Kigali's NightmareUS Embassy Nairobi
April 15, 1994Christopher, WarrenTo US Mission to the United Nations, New York : Talking points on UNAMIR withdrawalUS DOS
April 18, 1994Yates, JohnFormer A/S Cohen meets MobutuUS Embassy Kinshasa
April 22, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Human Rights Defender Mujawamariya Calls On Ambassador Albright, Urges Continuation Of UNAMIR Presence In Rwanda
US UN Mission
April 28, 1994StewartGenocide : OptionsUS DOS
28 avril 1994Blinken, AlanProposed Visit to US by Rwanda Interim Govt. FonMin Jerome BicamumpakaUS Embassy Brussels
April 28, 1994Talbott, StrobeRGF Willing To NegotiateUS DOS
28 avril 1994HarrimanRwanda: Discussions in Paris at the Quai, the Élysée, MSF/France and with Rwandan AmbassadorUS Embassy Paris
April 29, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceDAS Bushnell tells Col. Bagosora to stop the killings.US DOS
29 avril 1994HarrimanMeeting with the Rwandan Interim Government Foreign Minister in ParisUS Embassy Paris
April 29, 1994Yates, JohnRwanda Interim Government Declarations Suggest Mobutu Peace InitiativeUS DOS
April 29, 1994YatesRwanda Interim Government Declarations Suggest Mobutu Peace InitiativeUS Embassy Kinshasa
30 avril 1994HarrimanMeeting with the Rwanda Interim GovernmentUS Embassy Paris
April 30, 1994Talbott, StrobeRwandan Ambassador Asks for Visas, Denies GOR Responsabilities for MassacresUS DOS
April 30, 1994Albright, MadeleineSecurity Council adopts presidential statement on Rwanda, April 30US UN Mission
May 1, 1994Talbott, StrobeGOR chief of state Bizimungo to respect cease-fire and stop massacres if RPF do the sameUS DOS
May 1, 1994Discussion Paper [Rwanda Crisis]US DOD
May 5, 1994Wisner, Franck G.Rwanda : Jamming Civilian Radio BroadcastUS DOD
May 06, 1994Christopher, WarrenKigali Situation [Conversation with general Dallaire]US DOS
May 9, 1994Rwanda : The Rwandan Patriotic's Front Offensive (U)US DOS
May 9, 1994Gati, Toby T.To: Moose Subject : Rwanda - Geneva Convention ViolationsUS DOS
May 9, 1994Rwanda : The Rwandan Patriotic Front's Offensive (U) - Key Judgements US DOD
May 11, 1994HarrimanDealing with the French on Rwanda : Shared Objectives, Different Logic US Embassy Paris
May 11, 1994Harvin, MichaelMemorandum of Conversation - Rwanda Interagency Telecon US DOD
May 11, 1994Albright, MadeleineTalking Points RwandaUS UN Mission
May 13, 1994Talbott, StrobeRwanda: Security Council DiscussionsUS DOS
May 13, 1994Tarnoff, PeterRwanda: Security Council Discussions US DOS
May 16, 1994Donoghue, JoanDraft Legal Analysis [Genocide in Rwanda ?] US DOS
May 18, 1994Gati, Toby T.Rwanda - Geneva Convention ViolationsUS DOS
May 21, 1994Moose, George E.Has Genocide Occurred in Rwanda ?US DOS
May 1994The Clinton Administrationís Policy on Reforming Multilateral Peace Operations US DOS
June 2, 1994Arms and Le Guide : Tough talk to Mobutu on RwandaUS DOS
June 3, 1994MarreroRwanda : Bringing the Guilty to JusticeUS DOS
June 10, 1994Talbott, StrobeAmCit Nuns Trapped in RwandaUS DOS
June 10, 1994Additional Information on AMCit Nuns in RwandaUS DOS
June 11, 1994Talbott, StrobeTravel of USG Delegation to Burundi and UgandaUS DOS
June 14, 1994Brynn, EdwardTo the Secretary. Subject : U.S. Delegation to Burundi and UgandaUS DOS
June 15, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Amb Not Acceptable As Sc President US UN Mission
June 15, 1994Bushnell, PrudenceMemo from Prudence Bushnell to Arlene Render Re Your Meeting with Rwandan Prime Minister-Designate Faustin Twagiramungu Friday June 17 300 PMUS DOS
June 16, 1994Christopher, WarrenDraft Spanish Resolution on Commission of Experts for Rwanda : US ResponseUS DOS
June 16, 1994KaistenPoints on Rwanda for the Secretary for telcon with FM JuppéUS DOS
June 17, 1994Albright, MadeleineFrance Ready To Send Troops To RwandaUS UN Mission
June 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineMeeting Bradol InderfurthUS UN Mission
June 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenFM SecState WashDC to AMEmbassy Paris Subject: AMCit Nuns in RwandaUS DOS
June 22, 1994Christopher, WarrenAMCit Nuns in RwandaUS DOS
June 23, 1994ScottThe Sisters of St.Mary of Namur and the French Military Operation in RwandaUS Embassy Kinshasa
June 24, 1994MalottSeychelles arms for ZaireUS Embassy Victoria
June 28, 1994MalottSeychelles arms for RwandaUS Embassy Victoria
June 29, 1994Christopher, WarrenNuns in Peril in Kiruhura, RwandaUS DOS
July 1, 1994Nuns in Peril in RwandaUS Embassy Kampala
July 5, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgians Postpone Indefinitely Sending Medical Team to Support French Intervention in RwandaUS Embassy Brussels
July 5, 1994Blinken, AlanBolstering EU Response to Rwanda Crisis; Preventive Diplomacy in BurundiUS Embassy Brussels
July 6, 1994Blinken, AlanBelgian Defense Minister Criticizes French on Rwanda ActionUS Embassy Brussels
07 juillet 1994HarrimanDemarche On French Humanitarian Zone In RwandaUS Embassy Paris
13 juillet 1994BohlenConsultations with France on Rwanda War Crime IssuesUS Embassy Paris
13 juillet 1994BohlenConsultations with France on Rwanda war. Crimes issuesUS Embassy Paris
July 15, 1994Christopher, WarrenNext Steps in Addressing War Crimes in RwandaUS DOS
July 26, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda War CrimesUS DOS
July 27, 1994Letter to U.S. Ambassador David Rawson from Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu of RwandaUS DOS
July 29, 1994Talbott, StrobeMoroccans to ZaireUS DOS
12 août 1994HarrimanA/S Shattuck's meeting with French on RwandaUS Embassy Paris
August 24, 1994Memorandum Regarding USG Proposal for a UNSC Resolution on Detention of Persons Suspected of Having Committed Crimes against International Humanitarian Law in Rwanda BurundiUS DOS
August 26, 1994Talbott, StrobeSubmission of Report to Un Commission of Experts on RwandaUS DOS
September 1994Moose, George E.New Human Rights Abuses in RwandaUS DOS
September 1, 1994Resolution Establishing War Crimes Tribunal for RwandaUS DOS
19 septembre 1994HarrimanFrench Perspective on Rwanda War CrimesUS Embassy Paris
September 28, 1994Christopher, WarrenResolution Establishing War Crimes Tribunal for RwandaUS DOS
October 4, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwanda TribunalUS UN Mission
October 19, 1994Christopher, WarrenRwanda War CrimesUS DOS
October 20, 1994Albright, MadeleineRwandan Views On War Crimes TribunalUS UN Mission
28 avril 1995HarrimanQuai Comments On Rwanda: DevelopmentUS Embassy Paris
02 juin 1995HarrimanArms To The Rwandan Ex-government ForcesUS Embassy Paris
July 17, 2003Russel, Daniel R.ICTY: President Meron urges USG to oppose Del Ponte renewalUS DOS
26 janvier 2007Stapleton, Craig RobertsC/T Judge on France, Rwanda, Pakistan, and his political future (Jean-Louis Bruguiere)US Embassy Paris